Workplace Harassment

Expert legal solutions for workplace harassment issues


If you are experiencing workplace harassment or bullying at your place of employment, there are many legal options available that can help you. Spicer Lawyers offer specialist advice, representation and counsel to those going through victimisation, humiliation and intimidation in the workplace. We can help you with timely legal advice that will give you peace of mind moving forward. Based in the Melbourne CBD, we regularly appear in the Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts in Melbourne; as well as the Federal Magistrates Court, Federal Circuit Court and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). We also frequently appear in all suburban Courts and in country Courts throughout Victoria.


In addition to employment related matters, our firm has developed a strong practice in the areas of Confiscation law (proceeds of crime and property subject to restraining orders), Sentencing Act Compensation Matters, civil proceedings arising from criminal matters, discrimination and other employment related matters. We have conduct of employment law disputes across the following jurisdictions: Fair Work Australia, VCST, Federal Court of Australia, Federal Magistrates Court, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. If you feel you are being bullied, harassed and ridiculed at work, don’t delay. Give our specialist legal team a call and see how we can help. You can rely on Spicer Lawyers to provide the most up-to-date legal knowledge, advice and assistance across all areas of workplace harassment.


If you require legal assistance for a workplace harassment issue in Melbourne, contact Spicer Lawyers today on (03) 8648-6446 for a private and confidential discussion.