Unfair Dismissal Melbourne

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If you find yourself experiencing unfair dismissal in Melbourne, contact the employment experts at Spicer Lawyers for the right legal guidance and support. We understand the challenging issues that may arise in workplace situations; and it often causes much financial and emotional stress to those going through it. If you’re not quite sure how to cope with being unfairly treated or dismissed from work, Spicer Lawyers can provide you with realistic, practical and knowledgeable legal guidance that will help you move forward with confidence.


We also specialise in legal advice and representation for other workplace issues such as bullying, harassment and redundancy situations. No matter how simple or complex the workplace dispute is, you can rely on our legal team to deliver understanding, support and compassion throughout the entire legal process. At Spicer Lawyers, we can assist with timely and constructive advice about your rights and the legal options which may be available to you to attain a just resolution of your matter We have conduct of employment law disputes in the following jurisdictions: Fair Work Australia, VCST, Federal Court of Australia, Federal Magistrates Court, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding an employment issue, take advantage of our free 20-minute consultation and see how we can best assist you moving forward.


If you are currently experiencing unfair dismissal in Melbourne, contact Spicer Lawyers today on (03) 8648-6446 for a private and confidential discussion.