Going To Court

If you or a family member have been charged with a criminal offence and have to go to Court, Spicer Lawyers can provide expert representation.
Whether you intend to plead guilty or not guilty we can provide you with clear, timely and accurate advice. When required we can brief specialist criminal law barristers to appear or advise on your behalf.
We aim to provide upfront and honest legal advice as to the prospects of success in a matter, or likely result, based on materials and information provided by you.  In our experience this saves you time, money and unnecessary worry.  
We are happy to appear in matters funded by Victoria Legal Aid, as well as privately funded matters.  We endeavour to provide the best legal advice, whatever your funding situation.
Some examples of recent cases Spicer Lawyers have been involved in include:
  • Cultivation of cannibis & theft of electricity  in multiple houses (hydroponic, large syndicate) in the County Court - result:  minimal time to serve due to young age of offenders, limited involvement in scheme and lack of prior convictions
  • Money Laundering (millions of dollars) in the County Court - result: sentence kept to a minimum due to personal history of client, an application for home detention stil being considered.
  • Intentionally cause injury in the Magistrates' Court - result: client found not guilty due to unreliable complaint of assault on young child, no other witnesses, police ordered to pay all legal costs.
  • Manufacture of Methamphetamines run as a trial in the Supreme Court - result: not guilty due to lack of evidence of connection of client with alleged drug manufacturing.
  • Drink Drive in the Magistrates' Court - result: application to have previous period of suspension taken into account
  • Drive in a manner dangerous in the Magistrates' Court - result: reduced to exceed speed limit.
  • Traffick drug of dependence in the Supreme Court (trial based on interpretation of telephone intercepts).
  • Sexual offence charges run as a trial in the County Court - trial was based on the unreliability of witness, and length of time since offences alleged to have taken place.
  • Possess child pornography run in the County Court - plea run relating to depressive illness and tragic personal circumstances
  • Importation of Heroin in the County Court - plea run taking into account relative involvement of offenders.