Criminal Defence

Spicer Lawyers have significant expertise in criminal defence matters.  We appear in all jurisdictions including the Magistrates' Court, County Court and Supreme Court defending clients charged with criminal offences. 
Spicer Lawyers regularly represent people charged with a range of offences including assaults, injury offences, white collar offences, fraud, murder, drug offences and sexual offences. 
Spicer Lawyers is on the Victoria Legal Aid indictable crime panel and is able to represent all people who meet the Legal Aid guidelines.  We pride ourselves on providing quality legal advice to all clients, whether privately funded or funded by Victoria Legal Aid.  We brief experienced Counsel when necessary and always aim to provide legal advice with compassion and understanding.
Lana Treasure of our office works primarily on criminal defence matters and is committed to providing personal service to all criminal clients. Lana has significant experience in running criminal trials in both the County and Supreme Courts.  She regularly works closely with experienced Counsel, including Senior Counsel, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.
It is the aim of Spicer Lawyers to provide advice on all issues related to criminal charges so that the client has an understanding of the implications of any charges in the future.  This includes by advising on confiscation legislation and potential future applications for compensation by victims of crime.
Spicer Lawyers regularly represents people in defending applications for compensation brought against them by victims of crime. 


Victim's Compensation


Spicer Lawyers also advises in relation to criminal compensation for victims of crime, including initiating applications for compensation as common law claims, or Sentencing Act applications.  We regularly represent victims of crime in seeking compensation for offences against them.


At this time our office is not taking on any further Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal applications, however we would be happy to provide a free assessment of these matters.


For a useful resource regarding prevention of sexual abuse of children see